more than 18 years in the floral industry

“Olio” is a hodgepodge or mismatched collection of things. For me, it means collecting an interesting set of things to create a potted plant, bouquet, or boutonnière.

The decision to open my own shop came from an overwhelming desire to share my love of indoor and outdoor plants.

I have more than 18 years in the floral industry. I believe I have a unique design aesthetic that differs from many florists in the area.

I’m proud to say that I use as much locally sourced plants and products as possible including, but not limited to, Sweet Pea & Carrot Cake and Marietta Farms. I actually grow a lot of the flowers in my own garden and delight in sharing them with others.

I do everything from arranging to delivering to cleaning - the shop keeps me busy but it allows me to know all of my customers and deliver things that speak to their aesthetics, too.

Come find me and Olio Flowers in Barkley Village! We share a space with our dear and lovely friends at Urban Collective - together, we can make your house into a home.